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Sartoga is located in the southern part of Santa Clara County in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Highway 9 in Saratoga, (Where it is listed as Big Basin Way) leads to Santa Cruz County. ZIP codes are 95070 and 95071 for Post Office boxes. The telephone area code is 408. Saratoga has 10,450 households as of the 2000 census.


The settlement has been called; Campbell's Gap, Toll Gate, McCarthysville, Bank Mills, and in 1865, Saratoga. A spring was discovered which had a mineral content alike Saratoga Springs in New York. This was the reason for the current name.


Saratoga is a residential community with commuter traffic. There is no major industry in the city. It is known for expensive restaurants and shops.


Bus service is provided by the VTA of Santa Clara County. The service to Saratoga (section "F" of transit service maps) can be described as minimal.


:MSN map of Saratoga

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