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Seaside (also nicknamed by residents as 'The Side')  is in Monterey County. Seaside has a land area of 8.83 miles, is at 60 feet in elevation. The population was 33,797 in July 2008. Population was 50.9% males and 49.1% females. The latest racial demographics says the city is 43.2%Hispanic (14.7k) 30.2% White non-hispanic (10.3k) Asian 9.2% (3,142) Black 7.9% (2,704) Mixed non-hispanic 5.8% (1,982) Other non-hispanic 3.7% (1,247)

ZIP code: 93955


Seaside started in the late 1800's as a resort town. In 1910, the government decided to locate Fort Ord near Seaside. Fort Ord was the major industry of the town until the fort closed in 1994. It used to have the biggest African American population between Oakland and Los Angeles on the 'Central Coast'.


Bayonet Golf Course Black Horse Golf Course , Mariott Hotel,  Side Affects Barbershop, and more  


There is a railroad, but no train. They left the tracks in case rail service becomes feasible. Highway 1 is the major road. Bus service is provided by Monterey-Salinas Transit.


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