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Sempervirens Falls is a 20 foot waterfall on Sempervirens Creek. The water level can be pretty low in the dry season, so this waterfall is best viewed shortly after rainfall. The location, however, is beautiful, and worth a visit even when the waterfall is more of a trickle. Sempervirens is from the Latin meaning "always green" or "ever living" and Sequoia Sempervirens is the scientific name given to the local Coast Redwood. The hike to Sempervirens Falls and back is 4 miles roundtrip when starting at the park headquarters and taking the Sequoia Trail. The waterfall can also be reached by taking a right off of Highway 236 on Sky Meadow Road, driving past the campgrounds, and then parking at the little parking area just past the trailhead to the waterfall, which is across the road from Slippery Rock. Technically, park fees still apply here.

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