Sridhar Properties

1777 Saratoga Avenue
Suite 210
San Jose, CA 95129
Mon - Fri : 9a to 5p
(408) 725-9501

Property development firm Sridhar Properties owns, manages and develops real estate in Santa Cruz County, Santa Clara County, Oakland & Alameda, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Their portfolio includes multi-family residential property, luxury residential real estate, and commercial / office spaces.

Sridhar Properties, owned & led by CEO Matt Sridhar, also operates a division of their business under the moniker Sridhar Equities. He started the firm in 2001 by purchasing a small multi-family property in Eastern San Jose and today, Sridhar Equities' total portfolio has grown to over $200 million sitting in mostly West Coast property investments and also helps to fund Sridhar Capital LP.

In Santa Cruz, the Sridhar Team is leading an effort to update a large part of the Ocean St neighborhood. As of early 2019, the project is still in proposal & review stages. Read more about the development effort in this press writeup.