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On February 15, 2007 the Associated Press ran a story about a missing yellow submarine in Santa Cruz County. Throughout the USA newspapers and magazines ran the story. A few tried for puns with the song by the Beatles (such as "We Larceny A Yellow Submarine"). When the missing submarine was found, it was almost always reported as having, "resurfaced."


In the 1940's Irven Thomson built a 3.5 ton submarine that was 10 feet long. The plan was to use it for patrols in Monterey Bay. He quit the patrols after World War II ended. He parked it on his land in Felton.

Thomson left the yellow submarine on the property when he moved to Watsonville years ago. Family members lived on Steinmaier Road land until 2003, when they sold the property and moved to Red Bluff. February 15, 2007  Karl Barker owned the property and reported the yellow submarine had gone missing.

February 22, 2007. Kevin Deetz told the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office he had taken the decades-old vessel to a restoration shop in Watsonville, sheriff's Detective Kevin Coyne said. Deetz, said he was given the homemade sub several years ago by a former owner but never picked it up.

He hoisted the sub onto a flatbed truck and brought it to Watsonville. Barker, who reported the submarine missing, says it was a misunderstanding. Case closed.

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