View of Struve Slough. Photo by John Pilge, 2010.


Struve Slough is about five miles long. Struve Slough begins near Green Valley Road. It crosses under Main Street, Harkins Slough Road, and Highway 1. It joins West Struve Slough between Highway 1 and Lee Road. It can be seen behind Crossroads Shopping Center.

There is a location called "Upper Struve Slough" located in a residential area of Watsonville, that is part of Struve Slough. At that area the slough is just a trickle, with a few trails. There is no public parking at Upper Struve Slough.


Named for Hans Christian Struve who came to Santa Cruz County in 1858. He was a farmer and merchant.


The area is wetlands, farmland, and residential. There is commerce in nearby Watsonville.


The new Harkins Slough Road Bridge --seen on the far left in the image above-- was finished in June 2005 at a cost of $4,131,362. It is 424’ long by 42’ wide, 5-span, low water crossing bridge project. The new bridge is a precast, pre-stressed, concrete "I" girder structure supported by 5' diameter cast-in-steel-shell concrete piles. It crosses Struve Slough.

There is one major trail along Struve Slough.


:Google map of Stuve Slough

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