The Student Union Assembly (SUA) is the official student government of the undergraduate students at the University of California, Santa Cruz. All undergraduate students are dues paying members of SUA. Unlike most student governments in the UC system, SUA does not have an Associated Students system and instead employs a power-sharing Assembly structure.

Meetings are open to the public and held every Tuesday at 8 p.m. in the Alumni Room  (above College 9/10 dining hall).

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The organization of SUA is set up to be power-sharing, and eschews the traditional student government structure of the executive and legislative.

The SUA is composed of 6 Officers, the Chair, the Vice Chair of Internal Affairs, the Vice Chair of External Affairs, the Commissioner of Diversity, the Commissioner of Academic Affairs, and the Organizer Director, as well as three representatives from each college, and 6 at-large members from the Ethnic Student Organization Council (ESOC). The six Officers are elected by the undergraduate students as a whole. Two of the three representatives from each college are elected by the college, while the third is chosen in a manner determined by each college. The Assembly is comprised of 42 voting members.

Elected Officers of the Student Union 2012-2013

Position Name E-mail address
Chair Justin Lardinois [email protected]
Internal Vice Chair Kaysi Wheeler [email protected]
External Vice Chair Louise Cabansay [email protected]
Commissioner of Academic Affairs Max Hufft [email protected]
Commissioner of Diversity Israel Molina [email protected]
Organizing Director Brad Mleynek [email protected]


SUA was created in 1985 to help organize various student groups on campus. Since then it has grown to offer services from campus entertainment to expanding diversity.