Year Released
Clint Eastwood
Specific Locations of Filming
Pacific Garden Mall, Boardwalk, Stagnaro's Restaurant

Brief Synopsis

San Francisco cop Dirty Harry Callahan tracks a vengeful killer down to the California town of "San Paulo."

Filming was in the Spring of 1983.

Scenes Prominently Featuring Local Locations

  • Opening scene has Harry Callahan walking in the hall of the courthouse building.
  • One of Clint's dwellings in the movie is an apartment at La Bahia
  • Inside Izant's hardware store. (Building is now Play It Again Sports)
  • Fight scenes with bad guys at Stagnaros fish counter.
  • Final showdown on the Boardwalk Giant Dipper and Looff Carousel.

Some of the areas have been re-done since the earthquake.

  • Car chase scenes on Pacific Garden Mall.
  • Downtown Santa Cruz - before the earthquake.
  • Meeting a friend at the Cooper House outside restaurant.
  • Running through one of the Downtown Tunnels.

Overall Effects of the Film Locally


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2007-10-31 00:10:50   I was working at The Dolphin Restaurant at the end of the Wharf while they were filming at Stagnaros. —Johnny

2010-02-05 18:27:36   The vehicle chase on Pacific Garden Mall was done in reverse direction of the one way street. —Harlan