Hard rock.
Band Members
Joel Valentine (vocals)
Gregg Michaels (guitar)
Kevin St. James (drums)
Dave Hayes (bass)
Contact Info


T.Y.R. (Tonight You Rock) was a local hard rock band that was originally formed back in 1981 with five members: Andrew Singleton (vocals), Gary Hagen (guitar), Russell White (guitar), Chuck Keller (bass), and Nate McCormick (drums). The original band members gradually left the group, and their openings have been filled by several different replacements throughout the years, ending with the final four members, until the band's break up in 1991.

The last time T.Y.R. performed together was back on October 14th, 2006, when the last four band members got together for a reunion concert at the Portuguese Hall in Santa Cruz.

Live Shows

T.Y.R. played at many local and San Francisco Bay Area venues.


The group released several songs, including: City of Angels, Too Late Now, Heartbreak Hotel, Are You Lonely, Running from Love, Fight for Your Right, Tell Me No Lies, Nice Girls, Can't be Bad, Lookin' Out for #1, It's a Long Way to the Top.

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