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112 Elm Street, Santa Cruz
Daily 11am-Midnight
(831) 426-9700
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Payment Method
Cash, Credit Card

Private sauna and hot tub rooms, as well as therapeutic massage.

Private hot tub rooms are $12-$15 a person for 55 minutes Monday-Friday 11am-5:30pm. From 6:30-closing and on the weekends, prices increase by $5. A discount is applied when 2-4 people. They provide towels and your choice of hot tea and cold water. A private shower is also in the room, with lavender shampoo and body wash from Bonny Doon Farms provided. Open shoji doors looks out over a private bamboo garden preserved for over 70 years (see photo). Private rooms are clothing opitonal.

Massages are priced at $55/30min, $80/55min, $120/85min, $140/2hours

Great deal for couples -- two, 55min massages and 55min tub and sauna for $180

A free three-hour public parking lot is next to the spa.

The Spa's backyard bamboo garden; Photo by Yell Hot Tub room, Photo by Sasha Neese


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