the Devil Himself - Catalyst, Santa Cruz CA 2011

Rock, Alternative Metal
Band Members
Dave Christensen-Guitar, vocals
Dan Burnham-Guitar, vocals
Mike King-Bass
Jason Goldberg-Drums
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Written by Sean Patrick Thompson

It begins with a low rumble, almost immediately discountable as nothing more than distant thunder. A trembling vibration which builds, akin to that which must have accompanied Dante in his explorations of the many levels of Hell. It grows, adding layer upon layer of sonic menace, building, surging, flowing. As it peaks, muted colors explode forth, licking the senses with fire, with passion, with longing. The ground seethes and pulsates around your feet as you realize there is no escape. All of your pride, your desire, your love, your hate spill out of your soul and surge back to embrace you as a lover. And when it finally releases you, as you tremble through the glowing afterward...... it begins again. This is the Devil Himself

Formed in 2006 by Dave Christensen [Lead Vocals/Guitar], Dan Burnham [Vocals/Guitar], Jason Goldberg [Drums], the Devil Himself has fought the good fight in the Bay Area music scene, losing some comrades-in-arms and gaining new ones to continue driving forth their unique sound into the utterly corruptible minds of today's youth, finally rounding out their gloriously dark and thoughtful sound with the addition of Austin Wilhoit [Bass Guitar].

It came to dark fruition in 2007 with the band's first release, Pushing the Panic Button, a collection of deep, flowing, poetry given life, speaking to love and betrayal, lust and despair, of the struggle to keep that tiny light at the end of our darkest personal tunnels in sight. Evocative and insightful, Pushing the Panic Button spoke to its audience on much more than just an aural level; it was emotion and art swirled into one and thrust down their throats, lovingly. It is the human experience, the evolution - or de-evolution, if you will - of all our hopes and dreams.

A year later, See No Evil - a three-song EP - featuring the instantly memorable "30 Lives", was mercifully released by the Devil Himself in an attempt to slake the thirsts of their growing audience. The songs exhibited on See No Evil bear evidence to the true power of the Devil Himself, turning the most basic of human emotions into powerful examples of true art, commenting on the hypocrisy so evident in our lives, in those we elect to office, in our friends, in our lovers, in ourselves and yet - through it all - moving upward and out of despair into the realization that only we as individuals can make the changes we need in our lives, that we hold the key to our own power, that above all else hope cannot be denied.

2009 is the year for the Devil Himself to truly come into their own. This is not a band to be brushed off; they demand much more from their audience. With the release of the Way Souls Sway, the Devil Himself will prove to all they are much more than simply one of the best rock bands to emerge from The Bay Area. No, that is not enough for them. The journey about to be undertaken will see the world shudder and ripped open, all pretences, all masks, all lies torn to shreds....

There is no escaping the Devil Himself....

Photo's by Mike Koo

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the Devil Himself, The Way Souls Sway 2009

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