Punk, Hardcore, Metal
Band Members
Joe King-drums and what not
Riddy "187" Musich-bass
Mobby Murder-guitar and chicks                                                                  Cody Joe-guitar                                                       
Contact Info
[email protected]


We are one huge babe magnet that will take over this planet with our style of punk/metal party rock!!!! women love us even more than their boy toys at home!!!

Live Shows

This group has been playing live shows everywhere/anywhere since 2002, that is what it is all about!!! ROCKING the PARTY!!! FUNFUNFUN!!!! we are sponsored by jason jessee and the driven skate boards,automodown INC. our music has been on santa cruz skateboards vets division movie and deluxe end of summer tour 2007,the choppertown documentaries part 1&2,also our jackets are all over 'pray for me' the jason jessee documentary even though the director tried to black ball our name off the flick. he couldnt do it! "too much footage with our name on it".the murderers also had our music on the tony hawk boom boom huck jam 2004 on the super bowl pre game show..we also have a big fan base in japan thanx to jason jessee and tsuyoshi of felem skate distro in japan. they have been flooding japan with our cd and merch.we also work with noah from DAF and scott from swillyvision on our videos,and for those in santa cruz you can find our merch @ bills wheels and streetlight records.otherwise you can find our cd on for the highway murderers on youtube also. we play as much as possible, any weekend. as we are a working class band, and have played with just about any ol school punk band that is still playing and lots of metal and hardcore acts too.. weekdays are out for us to play shows,unless its going to be a local show... come check us out and slam your ass off!! HWY 187 for life!!!


The highway 5 song e.p. also the full length album...


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2008-08-01 14:46:45   we just wanna rock your party!!!! HWY 187!!!! —

2011-07-30 15:09:58   Watch this band online at Recording made when they were on Spilly Chile's Bowl of Rocks.