Electric, Acoustic, Beatles, classic rock.
Band Members

Larry Green -Guitar, vocals

Bryan Yamashita -Keyboards, guitar, vocals,harmonica.

Ricky Lux -Drums, vocals.

Tom Bonner -Guitar, vocals, harmonica.

Bill Legg -Bass,vocals


Contact Info
(408) 482-2181
[email protected]


An electric/acoustic tribute band to the Beatles.

The Rubber Souls were founded in the summer of 2006 by Larry Green in Santa Cruz California. Their first "gig" was busking in Santa Cruz California at the Pacific Garden Mall. They played for 1 hour and made $31.40! Soon they added other members and did some coffee shops and private performances. The Rubber Souls have since gone through a few member changes, former members and sit-in musicians include Tom Morales, guitar/vocals, Ted Framhein, Bass, Mike Duffy, guitar/vocals, Doug Montgomery, percussion/vocals, Bob Galpren, percussionist, Allan Davidson, Keyboards/guitar/vocals, Jerry Jezowski, drums, Jeff Martin, guitar/vocals, Chris Pouls -Guitar, keyboards and vocals, Fletcher Baker-guitar/vocals/harmonica, Steve McCampbell, guitar/vocals, Larry Brown, Bass guitar/acoustic guitar/vocals, Ed Glantz, Drums/vocals, Diana (Lil'sis) Fitchett, Keyboards/percussion/vocals, Steve Scarpelli/drums, Bill Legg/guitar/vocals, Tom Bonner/guitar/vocals/harmonica.


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