The Vox Jaguars Cowboy image by Stefen Lazer

Pseudo Indie Rock

Band Members

TREVOR HOPE-drums/Shaker/bmw/coffee
JORDY TOPF-Guitar/vocals and screaming/no driver's permit
MASON ROSENBERG-bass/keys/beret



Contact Info

The Vox Jaguars is a greater SFO bay area semi-indie rock band that formed in Santa Cruz, California in 2006. Their zesty fresh approach to music quickly earned them quite a bit of notoriety among the local college and high school crowds. 

The original lineup of the band featured Jordan Topf (vocals, guitar), Justin Fisher (keyboards), and Mason Rosenberg (drums). Fisher left the band to attend college in Portland which lead to a rearrangement and addition of new personnel. Moving Mason Rosenberg to bass, and introducing Trevor Hope on drums, the second incarnation of the Vox Jaguars was a power trio in 2007.

In 2007, the Vox Jaguars' demo CD, Out of Luck, was recorded by Luke David. The four-song EP featured the songs: Swagger, Frail, Good As Gone and Metropolis. Keyboards were reintroduced in the form of an electric organ that was played by both Luke David and Mason Rosenberg on the recording. Out of Luck was well received, and enjoyed some success in the greater San Francisco, California Bay area. The song "Swagger" was discovered by the creators of FOX TV's Canterbury's Law, and used in the episode titled, Trade Off, on the short-run prime-time TV series in April 2008.[3]

After two successful west coast tours, Mason Rosenberg broke his hand in a bicycle accident and was unable to perform with the band for a few months. Sam Copperman filled in on bass while Rosenberg recovered from his injury. When Rosenberg's hand had healed, Copperman was retained as keyboardist. Luke David filled in on keyboards when Copperman wasn't available. Copperman also played stand-up bass on rare acoustic appearances that shifted Rosenberg to toy piano.

The Vox Jaguars' manager, Adam Levin, arranged for an EP release on Anodyne Records. The EP was originally intended to be called Powerhouse, but at the last minute, the title was changed to, the Vox Jaguars,  resulting in a bit of confusion for purchasers, and online buyers. Vox Jaguars – EP was released on February 10, 2009 and was produced by Ariel Reichtshaid (who also produced for We Are ScientistsThe Blood ArmValenciaPlain White T's). By the time The Vox Jaguars EP was released, Sam Copperman was no longer in the band, but had contributed on the EP. The Vox Jaguars dropped the keyboard when Copperman left for college in the Fall of 2008. At that time, Noah Bond was introduced as the Vox Jaguars' lead guitarist. Bond is credited as playing on the EP, but wasn't actually in the Vox Jaguars when the CD was recorded at the Sunset Lodge Studios in Los Angeles, California. The EP features four tracks: Swagger, Song for the Girl, Wild Orphan, and Homesick. The Anodyne version of the song, Swagger, has been popular among college students, and has received a good deal of airplay on university and public radio stations and as of 2013, is rumored to appear in a forthcoming major motion picture.

The Vox Jaguars have written about twenty original songs, and are currently signed to Anodyne Records.[2]


Out of Luck 2007 

the Vox Jaguars 2009

the Vox Jaguars Live at the Crepe` Place 2010


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