This pump house —north of Davenport— was used in a early scene where Brenda Louise Davenport - "Tilt" is suppose to catch the school bus.

Year Released
April, 1979
Rudy Durand
Specific Locations of Filming
Boardwalk arcade and beach, UCSC, north of Davenport, downtown Santa Cruz (pre-earthquake).

Brief Synopsis

Brooke Shields plays a pre-teen pinball wizard. She decides to travel with a musician to Texas to raise money. The musician wants her to play against a champion player in Texas.

Scenes Prominently Featuring Local Locations

They say they are in New Mexico in front of a mural that was in a covered walkway in downtown Santa Cruz. They say they are in Texas when they have a talk on the beach. Many inside shots were filmed in Hollywood studios.

Overall Effects of the Film Locally

The daughter of the owner of Anchor Deli still remembers a polite movie-kid named Brooke Shields who liked apple juice.


It was a run-of-the-mill cute film. When Brooke Shields became famous, it was shown on TV.

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