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Summary Tom Lehrer was born Thomas Andrew Lehrer, on April 9, 1928. He was best known as a songwriter and entertainer.

Biography Tom Lehrer came to national prominence, writing songs for the 1960's TV show, "That Was The Week That Was" a show that satired new events. He later made several albums and tours with his humorous songs. Titles like, "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park" and "Send the Marines."

He returned to teaching mathematics. In 1972, he joined the faculty of the UCSC, teaching an introductory course entitled "The Nature of Mathematics." He also taught a class in musical theater. Tom Lehrer retired from teaching at UCSC in 2001.

Achievements The Tom Lehrer Collection (CD) by Tom Lehrer (Audio CD - 2010) The Remains of Tom Lehrer by Tom Lehrer (Audio CD - 2000) - Box set

Co-author of two papers with the American Mathematics Society: # RE Fagen & TA Lehrer, "Random walks with restraining barrier as applied to the biased binary counter", Journal of the Society for Industrial Applied Mathematics, vol. 6, pp. 1–14 (March 1958) # T Austin, R Fagen, T Lehrer, W Penney, "The distribution of the number of locally maximal elements in a random sample", Annals of Mathematical Statistics vol. 28, pp. 786–790 (1957) Quotes "If we expect any good folk songs to come out of World War III we better start writing them now." References

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