Trading Spouses was a reality television series on Fox that aired from July 1, 2004 – May 3, 2007. On the show, the wives of two different families would switch places and make rules their new families would have to live by. On the December 6 and 13, 2004 episodes, the show featured local residents Carl, Leslie, Luke, and Kyle Abbott of The Abbott Family Band and The Abbott Brothers in their Santa Cruz home, which is also the location of the non-profit Carl runs, The Center For Taoist Thought And Fellowship. Mother Leslie was filmed in Tennessee (at one point she was shown playing guitar and singing Cold Rain and Snow), while the rest of the Abbots were filmed locally with Vickie, the visiting mother. The Abbots were portrayed as bare foot, Chinese speaking, vegetarian Taoists, who all slept in the same bed. For various reasons they were not one hundred percent pleased with how they were portrayed on the show. They posted their thoughts on the show here: The two episodes featured a lot of interesting local footage, with the Abbots at one point taking Vickie on a walk from their home Downtown to Cowell's Beach, as well as taking her on a hike close to the Garden of Eden in Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park near Felton, and taking her to Mei Garden on Ocean Street for a chinese meal (where all three of the Abbott men ordered and spoke to their server in Chinese). The show opened with footage of The Abbott Family Band performing Downtown on Pacific Avenue.

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