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[UCSC Campus]
Notable Dates
November 7, 2007 to December 13, 2008
Historical Info
: Berkeley reaction to tree-sitters.

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November 7, 2007 at least four tree sitters made their homes in the redwood trees on the UCSC campus to protest the UCSC Long Range Development Plan. Santa Cruz supporters would bring food and blankets and to thank the tree-sitters for taking a stand against UCSC's Long Range Development Plan.

Among the visitors over the holiday weekend of November 10th - 12th were Mayor Emily Reilly and her husband, Robert Nahas.

The tree sitters did do shifts. Tree-sit spokeswoman Jennifer Charles said that any protesting tree-sitter is free to leave if they suspect any danger. During the protest, a few arrests were made.

Three tree-sitters left their site without incident December 13, 2008. More than a year after the start. A fourth protester left his tree about an hour after the others, and was taken into custody by UC Santa Cruz police on suspicion of trespassing. The other three tree-sitters had left before police arrived.

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