Hip Hop / Dubstep / Illadelic
Band Members
The Enthusiast - Beat Maestro
Numerous - The Lyrically Lyrical Lyricist
Stepworthy the Freedom Dweller - The Kundalini Houdini
EggBass - The 4-String Melody Master
Contact Info
[email protected]
Jake Student 831-477-0503


About Vibrant EYEris:

Formed in early 2009 in Santa Cruz, California - Vibrant EYEris' mission from the beginning has been to create high-quality Hip Hop music while exploring the untouched waters of innovation and inspiration that lay within the genre.

"We make what we call 'Open-Ended' Hip Hop, it has no limits and we always seek to push our own boundaries. Our variety of genre-influence keeps both us and the audience from getting bored and our dedication helps us keep raising the bar each time we write a song." -Numerous

Vibrant EYEris got their start rockin house parties all across the Santa Cruz reigon.

One of the first group of music lovers to respond to Vibrant EYEris was Santa Cruz's Renegade party scene. Renegades consist of several artists getting together and organizing a full blown, all-night party in desolate locations such as the middle of the forest or ontop of mountain summits in the area...

Using a generator, a sound system, and a massive network of both artists and music-lovers, these Renegades are the answer to City and Local governments disdain for local music and uncooperative approaches to allowing local venues to host shows for under 21 crowds. Vibrant EYEris found an immediate home with the Renegade crowd and soon thereafter began incorporating more Electronica and Dubstep elements into their music which these Renegades have helped inspire.

Vibrant EYEris' first opening gig for a major name act occurred at Moe's Alley in Santa Cruz when the legendary Abstract Rude performed. It was an honor just to be in this pioneer of Hip Hop's presence let alone being able to rock the stage and get it well warmed up for him. Abstract Rude even expressed on stage how impressed he was with The Enthusiast's live performance running his sample through his laptop and keyboard on Reason 4.0, he referred to his as "The Human Metronome".

In the Summer of 2009, Vibrant EYEris got it's first taste of touring on "The Awareness Tour" after generously being added to the bill by the Monterey local Hip Hop group Realization. "The Awareness Tour" took the group through various cities in California and exposed them to many new crowds who had no idea who Vibrant EYEris was or what their music was all about.

Now Vibrant EYEris works to bring their debut album "Hip Hop Don't Stop" to completion in time to release it at the highly anticipated "CDs for FREE 3" show @ The 418 Project in Santa Cruz. This 16 track album is the pinnacle of their 2009 summer journey and is a perfect reflection of the versatility and verse-ability of this deeply introspective and wildly entertaining enteraouge of musicians who are constantly pushing thier own limits.

The best way to sum up this group's never-ending dedication is by using their motto:


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