No, this is not about political turtle programming. Just note your logo preference as the options solidify. You can use a template for this:

||'''Name: ["YourName"]'''||
||Preference: (specify) ||
||Remarks: (reasons, etc.) ||

(or leave a comment with that information)

New Logo Candidate

From — tcnsc.

16 pixel logos
— Static logo.
— Static logo with black background.
— Animated logo.
— Animated logo with black background.
Main logo
New logo (static image)

    New logo (animated)

Note: The lighthouse animation runs through its sequence 2 times when the image is initially loaded or refreshed, and then stops.  This feature is to prevent the logo from distracting the user when they are viewing the rest of the page.  Also, the only reason the black background ends abruptly on the right hand side of the logo is to help keep the logo's file size small (there are still people who don't have broadband service) for faster page retrievals. The logo will merge seamlessly with the current background.

Sample page

Sample view of a page with the new logo

Yes? No? Comments?

Mission Logo

Name: FizzEllis
Preference: mine
Remarks: Well, I wouldn't have made it that way if I didn't like it.
Name: MishaNasledov
Preference: ArlenAbraham's
Remarks: Arlen's logo fits best with the layout — the other one does not match the black background and would stand out.
Name: LeifAmes
Preference: mine
Remarks: Another logo to consider. If you guys like the idea of it at all, but want something changed, I have the .xcfs


2006-03-01 13:15:24   I'd like to see more logo candidates. The current two are too "busy" for my taste. Something clean and professional-looking would appeal to me. —GrahamFreeman

2006-03-01 13:36:41   More logo candidates would definitely be nice.. —MishaNasledov

Name: ChrisLeCroy
Preference: FizzEllis
Remarks: I really like the background graphic. It might be good to antialias the text and maybe adjust the text colors.

2007-12-29 16:30:47   mmm... The tcnsc candidate seems a bit loud, in my opinion. —BenChaney

2007-12-31 03:18:21   Just as a quick note: I ran into an issue with uploading an animated logo for Davis Wiki. It appears to be impossible since some well intended new features. The logo has to be logo.png, and the file uploader checks to see that the file is actually a png, or converts it to the correct extension, so you can't just rename a .gif (or .mng) to .png. —JabberWokky

2009-03-05 12:57:13   very lame indeed —