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2-step, Lounge
Band Members
Brian Gallagher - Vox and Guitar
Zack Donahue - lead guitar
Caroline Kuspa - vocals
Bobby Hanson - Bass
Gianni Staiano - Keys
Nate Fredrick - Drums
Dustin Hengl - Trumpet
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Contact Info
mailto:[email protected]


"One of Santa Cruz' liveliest local acts, Wooster has become a crowd favorite in a relatively short period of time. The band kicks on a winning amalgam of blues, soul and reggae anchored by grooves played by crack players who know their way around some elastic funk. The band's secret weapon is vocalist Caroline Kuspa, whose singing chops and emotive power are undeniable. With the band gearing up for the impending release of its eagerly awaited full-length The Heights of Things, expect to hear a lot about Wooster in the months and years to come." - Paul M. Davis (Mule Train, Santa Cruz Weekly) ©Copyright Nathaniel Vigeant 2010

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