Electronic Music in it's various forms (Experimental/Contemporary Genres)
Band Members
Stridah, Artificial Flavor Unit, The Antacid Crew, V.instant Mars, Trimpot, Raw-g, Comatose Disconesia, Async, Dgraph
Contact Info
[email protected],


ACKlabs is a collective of electronic musicians concentrated in the foggy woods of Aptos. ACKlabs stands to be a uniquely positive place in a common world of irresolute paradigm shift. With a focus on the relevant aspects of the electronic music scenes of California, we study the effects of frequency and tone to bring an awareness and understanding to the front of human consciousness, assisting in the betterment of the world we participate in. Utilizing different techniques to procure these sonics and pushing the boundaries of contemporary electronic music is what we strive to accomplish.

Live Shows

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Past Shows



  • Stridah-"Sentimentalist Acid" released on Left Coast sampler vol3 (IFM-017) from Innerflight Recordings


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