David Larstein has been a Santa Cruz County resident since 1971.  In the 1970s he worked in a rock band, Streamliner, which was one of the South Bay's top club bands.  He joined the Humans in 1979 and moved to Santa Cruz from San Francisco in 1981.  As the Humans' keyboard player, he was on a national tour with the British band Squeeze through the spring and summer of 1980.  When the Humans broke up in 1983, Larstein and bass player Eric Gies began to work on a recording studio. The project turned into a recording collaboration, Ed Hatch, which lasted from 1983 until 1991.  

Larstein went back to school and got a graduate degree in music composition.  He began his life work in 1990, the "demos of david larstein" series which has yielded seventeen albums and over two hundred songs and instrumental pieces.  The demos series is an organized collection of instrumental and song cycles centered around the seminal experiences of two generations of American music.  It could be the longest song series in musical history.  For a more extended biography go to: www.davidlarstein.com