North Shore of Pinto Lake
(Pinto Lake County Park, Watsonville)
Notable Dates
July 17, 1992
Historical Info

On June 17th, 1992 an image was spotted on the bark of a tree near Pinto Lake. The image resembled the outline typically used for the Virgin of Guadalupe. Since then, the area has been upgraded to accommodate the visiting pilgrims.

Aside from the many candles in a jar with the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe there are many flowers, photographs and offerings. Shoes of pilgrims who have walked to the shrine barefoot, locks of hair, and hats are presented. Over the years, the image on the tree has faded, but can still be seen.

(LEFT) Mark on the tree as it appeared in 2008. (RIGHT) Virgin of Guadalupe. Sign recognizing the event. Since 2009, some claim to see the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe in another tree at the area.


View of image in 2003.

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