"Ron Anderson Bonsai was created to share and inspire those in love with the art of Bonsai".  Professionally trained Bonsai teacher in Santa Cruz California


Who are these classes for? These classes are for groups or individuals who have a demanding job, career, marriage, school, kids, animals and or lifestyle where they can not commit to out of town, out of state classes or extended away time. We will focus on Bonsai basics through hands on and classroom activities. You will study not only tree specific information, but how to apply these techniques for proper tree growth. We will start with trees in training and work our way to trees that you can put in a show. You will leave this foundation teaching with the ability, and understanding of how to apply these techniques to your own bonsai collection. Each class is three to four hours long. Courses are 6 sessions long and cover a season. There is 60 half day sessions at your own pace, classes are usually every two weeks. The ultimate goal in all of these training sessions is optimal tree health and the ability to read and correctly train any bonsai tree. Students may begin Foundation training any time of year Winter. Spring or Fall. As soon as the student finishes one course they can begin the next with focus being on seasonal care. No more than 5 students per session. Please bring your own tools. Since space is limited sign up in advance to reserve your spot. To receive a Foundation Graduation Course Certificate you must complete 3 years of 18 ½ day courses, plus complete a 6  ½ day courses on show preparation, display and appreciation of space.

Ron’s belief is to find a “growing” teacher, someone who still takes classes from other Bonsai masters. The goal is to learn everything you can from that teacher, then you can take more advanced teaching after you have your foundation down.

Ron has studied with John Thompson for over seven years now and will continue his ongoing training with John. Ron finished his intensive three year study with world renowned bonsai artist and teacher Boon Manakitivipart in October of 2013. Ron is one of the few to have ever completed this course in the 18 years of Sensei Boons teaching. Ron will continue to study with both teachers as often as possible. Ron loves to work on all varieties of bonsai, but especially loves the Japanese black pine and has found a way to make them thrive.

Ron would love to help start you on your bonsai journey.