From Highway 1 to East Cliff Drive and the Boardwalk
1.74 miles.
• 3.5 miles of paths
• Dog waste disposal bags
• Wildlife
• Green space
• Connection to Downtown businesses & parks

The San Lorenzo Riverwalk runs on the on both sides of the San Lorenzo River levee.  It starts in the north near the Highway 1 bridge, and continues south through Downtown Santa Cruz and ending at East Cliff Drive and the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

Bicycle/pedestrian bridge at Highway 1

Since construction of the long needed pedestrians/bicycle bridge between Felker Street and the Gateway Plaza shopping center has been completed, residents on foot or bicycles from the upper Ocean Street areas won't need to swim across, go all the way down to Water Street, or use Highway 1 (which is illegal), to access the north River Street and Harvey West business park areas on the other side of the San Lorenzo River.


Major Intersections


Pedestrian/bicycle bridge under construction near Highway 1

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