Susie King Taylor Community School

Susie King Taylor Community School A concerned group of parents and community members came together in the spring of 2015 to rethink how education can serve youth in our Savannah community. The started with two questions: "What is the purpose of school?" and "How can schools help develop healthy, engaged citizens with a sense of purpose and belonging?" From those discussions they discovered a common desire for an educational offering that focused on teaching students the life skills needed to be exemplary citizens, specifically in resolving conflict peacefully; becoming critical thinkers in an ever-changing economic, political, and environmental landscape; and developing into community leaders for the present and the future. 

Who was Susie King Taylor?Susie King Taylor

Susie King Taylor was born into slavery in 1848 and lived in Savannah, GA. She was the first African American to teach openly in a school for the formerly slaved in Georgia. She served as a nurse during the Civil War was the only African American woman to publish a memoir of her wartime experiences. You can read more about her at Georgia Encyclopedia.