Searcy area is home to several old, historic structures. 


White County Courthouse

At the heart of Searcy, the White County Courthouse is one of the oldest remaining structures in the area. The court square has been a major gathering place for Searcy citizens ever since the courthouse was constructed in 1817. It is the oldest courthouse west of the Mississippi River that continues to be used for its original purpose. It is constructed of cut stone on the first floor, and brick on the 2nd story and the clock/bell tower. The courthouse was remodeled and expanded in 1912, and then has been slowly restored to its original state over many recent years. It underwent a major exterior restoration in late 2019 through 2020, which was slowed by the COVID-19 Pandemic, extending the work for many months. The courthouse continues to stand beautifully over Searcy like a sentinel, watching the town grow. The courthouse was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977.


American Legion Hall

Located on the court square, the American Legion Hall is a small building constructed out of native fieldstone in 1939. It has a side-facing gable roof, with a flat-roof extension to the front, which has a recessed entrance over an archway. The building was registered on the National Register of Historic Places in 1991.