Project Pitches 

This is an abridged list of Project Pitches, please feel free to extend the information and refine to be more specific. 


Linda census bureau 

Two Challenges  

develeop app that helps bus and locgov soec community 

local gov disaster recovery who lives and works in a specific area.


Al Boss and Nathan Boss

Barn Cats King Co Feral cat programs

Barn cats for pest control create system to match people and cats


Neil Barry

Inventory of Places where items are located

City of Seattle 

Parks Department

Water Fountains, RestRooms, ADA, BBQ.

Develop App or GIS Layer for CrowdBased mapping



Microsoft Research

Hear the voices of seattle people

Allow people to voice opinions with civic issues 



Subscribe to geodata notifications

UW Grad Student

Ton of open data that doesnt get to people 

Build an app that pushes data that you care about

Realtime Feed of data based on places you care about and inhabit


Cliff Snow

Open Street Map

Mapping for OPEN use merge with KingCO GIS Data to add buildings and addresses.



Events Data Calendaring 

present to public


Michael Patrick

OSM Geographic Data Info

Parking Scout

Maximizes Path for available maps



Marian MESA

App to help students time tracking


Gab and Steven


App to help students 


Andrew Filer

Bus Drone 

Transportation tracking



Boys and girls club

Preparing people for life

Train High School kids in Red Cross Disaster Response Training

Fundraising site for Boys and Girls Club to use, salesforce like.





Code for Seattle Meetups for future work: