Short Run is an annual comix & arts festival in Seattle, WA.

Short Run strengthens and celebrates Seattle’s lauded small press community by curating events throughout the year that spotlight artists and self-publishers who lack exposure and provide them with helpful resources. The annual festival is free to the public and showcases makers of art books, zines, comics, and animation; it is an alternative to large-scale commercial conventions that focuses on regional self-published works, limited editions, and handmade books.

Short Run is organized by Eroyn Franklin, Kelly Froh, and Janice Headley.

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Look at all the people and zines and comics!

Comics about poop sound alright.

Blurry in real life.

Chelsea Baker and her daily comics.


Short Run had zines and comics, but also other cool stuff. Here's an animated gif of a shadow puppet show by Erin Tanner and Charlie Daugherty: