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pollution resources:

EPA greenhouse gas emmissions from large facilities: or Location&st=WA

annual reported pounds of hazardous waste generation in wa:
from june 26, 2012

EPA emissions inventory:


king county health services:

cleanup sites:



tacoma smelter plume:
cancer study found no statistically significant difference between tacoma smelter area and other counties.

duwamish river:

bremerton gasworks:

Environmental Health annual and biennial reports
2010 is latest published, are there more recent versions?:


article about seattle superfunds:

health resources:

health of washington state:

uw health sciences library:

urban indian health institute:


assorted data resources:

data for local communities - university of oregon (has wa results)

have there been more recent chronic disease studies?

has this been updated recently? will it be?:

king county shapefiles:


public data ferret:

wa data book:


wa geospatial data catalog: