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AT&T Park is the home field of the San Francisco Giants. Park is located at 24 Willie Mays Plaza or between 3rd and King Street to be precise. 41,915 fans can be seated at the park with standing room available in the right field section below the archway.

The stadium was originally known as Pacific Bell park, or Pac Bell park when it opened in 2000. SBC acquired Pacific Bell in 1997, but allowed Pacific Bell to operate under its original name of Pacific Bell for several years. In 2001, Pacific Bell was renamed to SBC Pacific Bell. SBC decided to rename SBC Pacific Bell to simply SBC in 2002. Pacific Bell Park was renamed to SBC Park in early 2004 after reaching an agreement with the San Francisco Giants on January 1, 2004. SBC bought AT&T in 2005 for more than $16 billion and changed the SBC name to AT&T. SBC was renamed to AT&T on January 1, 2006. The park's name changed again in early 2006 to AT&T Park. This was the third name for the park in 6 years. Many fans still refer to the park as Pac Bell Park.

When the Giants are not playing, the park host music concerts and other sporting events including football. For the 2011 Season, AT&T Park will be the home stadium for the California Golden Bears while California Memorial Stadium at UC Berkeley undergoes renovation.

The stadium provides free WiFI which also reaches the surrounding neighborhoods.

Parking in nearby lots can cost around $30. Park is accessible by Muni and indirectly by Bart.

View of AT&T Park from beyond the marina AT&T sign by Willie Mays PlazaBall game in progress

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