Alfonso Pardiñas was an artist who created a number of mosaics in San Francisco, including a number of mosaics at BART stations. His firm was called Byzantine Mosaics.

Here are a few of his mosaics in the Bay Area:

Exterior of 550 Battery St. in SF - collaboration with Manuel Perdomo

White marble mosaic - formerly at 214 Grant Ave. in SF

BART mosaics

Pardiñas has work in six BART stations:

"Pardiñas, both as a designer of his own work and mosaicist for designs by others, was probably the most prolific of all the first-generation BART artists, creating work in at least six stations.

Much of Lake Merritt is sheathed in Byzantine Mosaics tile work. Walls throughout the station are bathed in chunky tile in rough reds, off-whites, and blacks, with immense black tile circles, red arrows in tile.

Besides executing mosaics for work designed by artists Jean Varda in the Union City station and Mark Adams at MacArthur, Pardiñas designed two lovely, flowing tile murals for both El Cerrito stations and did his own tile work in Union City.

"A mad guy, very creative," as Webber recalls, Pardiñas was an "absolute character, very arty, very original, very '60s." Nowhere within the BART system does Pardiñas get a credit for his artwork." [source]

Pardiñas' work at MacArthur BART.

Pardiñas' work at Lake Merritt BART.

Pardiñas' work at El Cerrito del Norte BART.

Pardiñas' work at El Cerrito Plaza BART.

Pardiñas' work at Lafayette BART. (anyone have a photo?)

Pardiñas' work at Union City BART, with Jean Varga. (anyone have a photo?)


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