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Brücius Xylander
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"BLACK SERUM TATTOO custom fine art tattoo services specializing in BLACKWORK, line art, dot work, and etching style tattoos. In addition to tattoo services we will sell apparel and accessories. Our mission is to take tattooing to the next level, from the artwork to the client’s experience. We want to foster an experience that’s rewarding for both the client and artist. Each tattoo is a new piece of fine art imagined and created specifically for that client. Our vision is to create a culture around tattoos as a fine art form. Our quality customer service and design work set us apart from our competitors. Our artists spend quality time with each client to create a design that reflects their personality and ideas. All equipment and ink are sourced from reputable suppliers to ensure the safety of our clients and employees. All procedures are performed to the standards set by the state of California."