The San Francisco Burrito is a type of burrito founded in the Mission District. San Francisco burritos are often times large, enough food for two meals. They are commonly wrapped in foil to hold all of the filling in, and the foil is peeled away as the burrito is consumed, much like that manner of peeling a banana. The tortilla is huge, and stretched by various heating methods so that it may hold all of the fillings crammed into the burrito.

San Francisco residents are quite serious about their burritos and the debate of which taqueria makes the best burrito is heated. Several web-sites have sprung up devoted entirely to reviews of burritos in-and-around the city.

According to a preliminary analysis by Nate Silver, 4 San Francisco tacquerias* made the top 20 list for burritos nationwide aggregating yelp reviews (VORB):

Name VORB Commentary
El Farolito 20.7 probably just the one on 24th, but there are 2 other SF locations and one in Oakland
HRD Coffee Shop 15.4 everybody is doing burritos these days I guess
La Taqueria 14.2  
Taqueria Cancún 14.0  

But the question remains: to what extent does success beget success? Burrito-making knowledge is commonplace in the bay area and there isn't so much variation about what a burrito is made, novelty burritos notwithstanding.

"Mission burritos" found elsewhere in the world

Absolutely absurdly expensive "Mission-style burrito bar" Mu Cha Chos, found in Singapore. Photo 2014.

Hey, mission burritos in Berlin!?

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