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JPMorgan Chase
March 2009
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Chase is a bank with many locations in San Francisco.

These bank branches were formerly Washington Mutual branches. WaMu was bought by JPMorgan Chase and all California branches were renamed to Chase by March 30, 2009. Chase previously did not have any banks on the West Coast until they acquired WaMu.

Chase plans to refurbish the branches in California using high efficiency HVAC and lighting systems, low irrigation plant landscaping, solar reflectance, recycled materials in walls, floors and ceilings, and Energy Star appliances.

Chase Bank finally switched all former Washington Mutual accounts to the Chase computer system on October 25, 2009. WaMu Free Checking was renamed to Chase Free Extra Checking and was eventually eliminated in February of 2011. WaMu Online Savings accounts were converted to Chase Plus Savings accounts with the monthly fee waived at this time.

The End of Free Checking for Former WaMu Customers

Chase has eliminated their free checking accounts. Chase Free Extra Checking, Free Classic Checking, and Basic Checking Accounts were converted to Chase Total Checking accounts.

As of February 8, 2011 there is now a $10 monthly fee for this account. Additional account fees will also be added to these accounts starting February 5, 2011.

In order to avoid the monthly fee a customer must keep a minimum balance of $1,500 or have at least one direct deposit of $500 or more each month (payroll, pension, or government benefit). Deposits less than $500 do not count even if you deposit multiple amounts that add up to more than $500 every month. The fee can also be waived if a customer has a balance of $5,000 or more in qualifying deposit or investment accounts linked to the checking account or if the customer has paid other Chase checking related fees of at least $25 per month.

Fees are now charged for money orders, cashier's checks(counter checks), and traveler's checks.

Chase offers a Free Chase College Checking account for new customers who are students. However, this account is only good for 5 years or as long as the student is currently enrolled.

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