Please add information here about SF/Bay Area climate change adaptation initiatives, proposals, and groups working in this area.

Beach Erosion

Beachapedia says: "Managed retreat is also part of a long-term plan to address erosion at Ocean Beach in San Francisco that is being advocated by Surfrider Foundation's San Francisco Chapter. Read more about the plan. Bill McLaughlin of Surfrider Foundation's San Francisco Chapter has prepared a report A History of Coastal Erosion at Ocean Beach. This report documents both erosion and various erosion response efforts at Ocean Beach from the mid-1800s to the present. The report concludes"...the best way to solve the erosion hotspot at Sloat is through a managed retreat strategy. Managed Retreat at Sloat would be the phased pull back of infrastructure away from the ocean. With such a plan both infrastructure security and beach restoration can be attained.""

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