Geary Boulevard is one of the city's longest streets, at a whopping 5.5 miles — it stretches from Market Street to the ocean. It's the main artery to the Richmond district, and it can take quite a while to get all the way out there by bus. Therefore, the San Francisco County Transit Authority is working on a plan to install a bus-only lane on Geary.

The street is named for John White Geary, the final alcalde and first mayor of San Francisco.


One would have to have a deathwish to bike on this street; suggested nearby bike lanes are on Lake or Cabrillo streets.

Public transportation

The 38/38L line is Geary's official bus route, but the 2 and 31 lines run parallel to it, to the north and south, respectively.


The Bridge Theater (3010 Geary) was built in 1939, two years after its namesake the Golden Gate.

Major intersections

Geary and Masonic

Restaurants and shopping

One of the city's several Trader Joe's is at Geary and Masonic. (It's actually on Masonic.)


The Kaiser Permanente French Campus is on Geary and 6th Avenue. Note that it does NOT have an emergency room.