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Here's a list of books, maps, etc. that the library has for us!

"Sunset's 1965 Western Market Almanac is a gold mine of background information on the biggest-spending, fastest-moving market in the whole U.S.: the West and Hawaii. This is America's perpetual frontier...The new Almanac will show you where the pay-dirt is." - San Francisco Business, October 1965

  • Yerba Buena Land Grab and Community Resistence in San Francisco (1974, Chester Hartman)
  • Good Times (1971-2): SF-based radical magazine
  • The Decade Past and the Decade to Come (1969, SF Redevelopment Agency)
  • Facts to guide your move (1966, SF Redevelopment Agency)
  • maps maps maps maps maps
  • Imperial San Francisco: Urban Power, Earthly Ruin (2006, Gray Brechin)
  • City for Sale: The Transformation of San Francisco (2002 & 1984, Chester Hartman)
  • San Francisco's Mad Rush Toward the Sky...The Ultimate Highrise (1971, Grugmann and Sletteland, the Bay Guardian)
  • San Francisco Bay Area...Today (1973, Urban Land Institute)
  • The Big Strike (1949, Mike Quinn)
  • Report on a City Plan for the Municipalities of Oakland and Berkeley (1915, Hegemann)
  • 1939 Real Property Survey San Francisco California (1939, City and County of SF)
  • San Francisco Business (1960s, Greater San Francisco Chamber of Commerce): This magazine was published by landowners and businessowners interested in developing the city in favor of business interests.
  • there's way way more...I'm just getting tired of writing it all out. :P