No joke: a Gibraltar spotted in Chiang Mai, Thailand at Ristr8to Coffee. 2014.

The Gibraltar is a specialty espresso drink invented by Blue Bottle Coffee. It is served in a small 5oz glass and consists of a double shot of espresso and 3 ounces of steamed milk. The drink is served at a lower temperature, usually around 120 degrees, and without foam and minimal texture. It is larger than a macchiato and smaller than a cappuccino.

The drink was originally something made only by baristas who would instead of wasting the extra milk from a latte would pull a new shot and pour the now cool milk into the shot. Gibraltar!

In addition to Blue Bottle, the Gibraltar appears on the menu at Ritual Coffee RoastersDynamo Donuts, and probably others.

Gibraltar, San Francisco’s cult coffee, comes to London


2010-01-11 01:23:53   my coffee snob coworker tried to order one of these at Intelligensia in Chicago and was told "that's mostly a west-coast thing". yay, we have a thing! —TravisGrathwell

2010-01-11 08:15:50   I was made fun of in Portland, OR for trying to order one.