Below is a list of places in the city where one can buy a little special something for a loved one.

The Mission

  • 826 Valencia (Thar be pirates!)
  • Aldea (bed and bath products, decorative furnishings, baby items)
  • Currents (bath products, tea sets)
  • Little Otsu (stationery, clothing, zines)
  • Multikulti (Funky and fun knickknacks, on the cheaper side)
  • Paxton Gate (Creepy and interesting dead things)

Bernal Heights

  • Heartfelt (ceramics, stationery, knickknack toys)

Hayes Valley

  • The Timbuk2 Store (because you really want to get into that bike messenger's too-tight pants. Like, to the tune of over a hundred dollars. Wouldn't it in fact be cheaper just to hire a hustler?)