The "hipster" can be seen most often in the Mission District and the Haight (to some extent).

The hipster is categorized by its party foul bike, messenger bag, too-tight jeans, vintage tee collection, headband over unkempt hair, too-large glasses and/or sunglasses, and PBR.

Some male hipsters find it necessary to have large mustaches on the facial area, while others charge full-force with a beard. Some are either confused or in transition and wind up with a very short beard and large mustache.

Hipsters have an obsession with all things "vintage," such as vinyl records. Most hipsters can be seen in vintage shirts with out-of-style print for the purpose of ironic humor. Handmade and off-center screen-prints are popular. Bonus points if it looks worn, or faded.

Note: Hipster clothing can generally be unisex, with the exception of the skirts and dresses some hipster-girls wear.

Some have speculated that, like existentialist philosophers, few or no people in fact identify themselves as "hipsters".

A pose of perpetual irony, and being wealthier, more bourgeois & privileged than clothing would indicate at first glance, are key.

See also Narcissism of small differences.