Huntington Park (photo 2007 by grahamc99, CC-BY)

Huntington Park is a park in Nob Hill right next to Grace Cathedral.  The park was originally the site of a mansion, lived in by Arabella Huntington, until the 1906 earthquake destroyed the home.  Huntington deeded the land to the city in 1915.  The has a big fountain in the middle of it.

Park fence enclosure plan

A rendering of the possible fence, courtesy of the Recreation and Park department.

In 2014, a plan began moving forward to enclose the park in a 6-foot high fence, modeled after the original Huntington Mansion fence that surrounded the original Huntington Mansion before the 1906 Earthquake.  The proposal would restore 224 feet of the original Huntington Mansion fence as well as add 672 feet of newly-designed, but matching fence.

The proposal was developed by the Nob Hill Association neighborhood group, who also raised $1.4 million to support the installation of the fence as well as upgrades to the park playground structures.  The proposal currently has the support of David Chiu, Board of Supervisors president.

Park officials would lock the fence between midnight to 5 AM, consistent with sf park hours.  Proponents of the plan say that it increases the historic feel of the park and increases safety, both for children and pets.  Opponents of the plan say the fence is unsightly and uninviting, and that public parks should feel welcoming to all.

A petition against the proposal has started:

A flyer advocating that the fence not be constructed. Photo June 2014 by midendian.

More photos

The fountain in the middle of the park. Photo 2007, by TravelingOtter (CC-BY).

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