Justin Herman Plaza is a plaza that lies in between the Ferry Building and the start of Market Street. It was built as part of the Embarcadero Center complex (all the buildings adjacent to it) in the 70s.

Justin Herman was the controversial head of San Francisco's Redevelopment Agency in the 1960s, known for redeveloping the Western Addition, displacing the thriving African-American community that existed there. The Embarcadero Center project overall was a redevelopment initiative.

Some things in and around Justin Herman Plaza:

  • Occupy San Francisco set up camp at Justin Herman Plaza in October 2011 and suffered occasional SFPD raids until the camp was forceably dismantled in December 2011.  Since then, the plaza has been a common site of protest for Occupy SF and other activist groups, who recently refer to it as Chelsea Manning Plaza.
  • There is ice skating in the winter. Not sure about dates.
  • That hotel with the cool atrium.
  • Critical Mass meets there.
  • The Valentine's Day Pillowfight takes place there.
  • That cool blocky fountain.
  • There's an arts and crafts market there a few times a week (maybe every day?)
  • some dudes bustin moves on their wheeled human powered things like skateboards or BMX bikes.
  • There was a zip line on it once or twice.


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