1881 Post Street at Fillmore
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(415) 929-4650
Sundance Cinemas
Opened 1986, Purchased by Sundance 2006
Payment Method
Cash and Credit
Ticket prices
General: $10.50 Plus Fee $3.00 -$1.50. Total Price: $13.50-$12.00
Child/Senior: $7.50 Plus Fee $3.00 - 0. Total $10.50 -$7.50
Matinees before 6 pm: $8.50 Plus Fee $2.00-0. Total Price: $10.50-$8.50

The Sundance Kabuki Cinema specializes in Art and Independent films and supports local artists. It is run by Sundance Cinemas, which is owned by Robert Redford. They recycle, compost, and maintain as green a facility as possible. The theater was stylishly remodeled using a large amount of post consumer and recycled materials.

The theater celebrated its grand reopening in December 2007, with new stadium seating in most auditoriums, tables in the balcony theater, a restaurant, a bar, and other amenities. The main auditorium (Auditorium 1) features a balcony where you can enjoy drinks and food from the Bar Bistro. Check online showtimes to see which movie is in Auditorium 1. The Kabuki Cinema features reserved seating so that you can choose your exact seat when purchasing your ticket.

This theater serves Peet's coffee and serves alcohol which is allowed only in the balcony of Auditorium 1. There is a Bar Bistro on the second floor and a restaurant next door called the Kabuki Kitchen.

The cinema features gourmet concession food (only served later in the day, not at early shows. However, popcorn, candy, and drinks are available at all times). The popcorn is served with real butter upon request.

The theater does not play any TV commercials and features free Wi-Fi throughout the building. The ticket prices are a little on the high side, but the amenities are worth it.

Kabuki Kitchen – Right Next Door: Wednesday-Sunday: 5 pm – 10 pm, Closed Monday and Tuesday.

Balcony Bar and Bar Bistro: 4:30 pm -11 pm Monday thru Friday.

Saturdays and Sundays: Balcony Bar Opens at 1:30 pm and the Bar Bistro Opens at 12 noon.

Please see Movie theaters for more theater options.


2007-12-15 01:50:35   Are people actually allowed to use laptops while a movie is playing? I think the light pollution would be annoying. —NickSchmalenberger

2007-12-15 23:42:27   I think it is implied that the Wi-Fi is meant for people using a laptop in the Bistro or in one of the lounges. —Jedron

Is there a rule for laptops in the auditoriums? I think it would actually be nice to have between shows, but during would be bad. —NickSchmalenberger