Love locks started to become a real thing sometime around 2013/2014 in the US, when lots of people started taking metal padlocks, engraving their names or initials + their lover's initials on them, and affixing them to the Brooklyn Bridge.  Or maybe some bridge in Paris?  Does anyone really know?  Here's what the LA Times says:

"The British newspaper says the craze became popular after a 2006 Italian novel by Federico Moccia  included a romantic padlocking scene at Rome's Milvian Bridge"

Love locks in San Francisco

A Love lock found on one of the Haight Tree Grates. Photo June 2014.A few love locks on a Haight Tree Grate. Photo June 2014.

Fishermans Wharf between hyde and powell also has some locks!!!

Love Locks at Fisherman's Warf.

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