As of Jan. 2014, San Francisco's minimum wage is $10.74.

The November, 2014 ballot will have a measure to increase the city's minimum wage to $15.

Here's a bit of info:

"Mayor Ed Lee last week stood with the full Board of Supervisors, labor and community groups and even a representative of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce to announce a "consensus measure" for the November ballot that would boost the city's minimum wage to $15. It would reach full implementation before Seattle's similar increase and contain fewer exemptions.

It comes as other citywide wage boosts are being crafted in Oakland, Berkeley and Richmond, which have shared some of the sting of San Francisco's soaring cost of living.

Unlike in Seattle, San Francisco employers would have to comply regardless of their companies' size and receive no credit for sick or healthcare pay they already provide. Workers who receive tips are included." [source]

Here are some facts and figures about minimum wage in SF.