Octavia Boulevard runs from Highway 101 to Fell Street, where it runs straight into Hayes Green park. It used to be a street underneath a part of HIghway 101. The segment of 101 that went over Market Street was damaged in the Loma Prieta Earthquake. Now it's a broad street with fancy pedestrian-friendly features and a lot of trees. It's high-traffic with a ton of cars, but traffic moves fast and it's also really pretty.


The road itself might be bike-friendly but the intersection at Market and Octavia, where the highway exit ramp turns into Octavia, is a problem for bikes and pedestrians. Market has bike lanes that cross Octavia, but cars turning right illegally across the bike lane make it especially dangerous.


There are some pretty awesome, fancy new curb cuts on Octavia. It's slightly uphill from Market to Fell.

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Blue Bottle is nearby!