The Open City/Art City Art and Ideas Festival is a free event on October 4, 2014 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

The Open City/Art City Art and Ideas Festival seeks to explore the infrastructures needed within cities locally and globally to enable access to artistic exploration. Through a vibrant blend of art installations, speakers, participatory activities, performances, music, food, and play YBCA and The Institute for the Future invite the Bay Area community to imagine how we can build a city that is more open, creative, and inclusive.

The Open City/Art City festival provides a unique opportunity for visitors to interact and connect with some of the most progressive leaders in the Bay Area who are on the forefront of socially engaged enterprises in the fields of art, public sector, and technology.  The day-long public festival also unites the many diverse communities in the Bay Area together to help frame generative dialogue and identify opportunities for community engagement, collaborative design of our public spaces, and inclusive, citizen-centered city models.

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) and The Institute for the Future (IFTF) are partnering to engage the public in a creative and generative weekend of activities that look at how art and artists can transform a city. Explore the future of technology, art, science, and making! The program includes IFTF’s Technology Horizons 2014 Conference (Oct 2-3) and the day-long public Open City/Art City Art and Ideas Festival (Oct 4).


  • Systems of Support and Strengthened Infrastructures for Vibrant Arts and Culture
  • Uniting Civic Technology with Arts Civic Practice
  • Digital Divide, Inclusive Technology Movement
  • "Re-engineering" the Relationship between Art and Technology in the Bay Area
  • Maker Cities - The “Maker Mindset” to the Complex urban challenges of health, education, food, and citizenship.
  • Economic Shifts and Gaps - Addressing Equity - Changes in Neighborhoods and its Impacts
  • Creative Economies -  Free, Sharing and Collaborative Economy
  • Public and Private Partnerships - Leveraging New Resources and Capital


Participating Organizations/Members:

  • Deborah M. Cullinan: Executive Director, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
  • Marina Gorbis: Executive Director, Institute For The Future
  • Jen Pahlka: Founder and executive director of Code for America, former Deputy Chief Technology Officer of the United States
  • Patricia Maloney: Art Practical and Daily Serving: Online magazines that enriches critical dialogue for the Bay Area visual arts and culture
  • Shannon Jackson:  Executive Director, Arts Research Center (ARC) U.C. Berkeley
  • Kakul Srivastava:  Chief Product Officer, WeWork, leading collaborative co-working, co-living space provider, Formerly CEO of Tomfoolery and General Manager of Flickr
  • Tina Barseghian, Senior Editor at IDEO, formerly editor in chief of MindShift at KQED/NPR, Craft Magazine and Maker Faire, and ReadyMade Magazine.
  • Heather Hood, Director of Programs, Enterprise Community Partners. 'Sharing the City'
  • A Simple Collective: Led by Rhiannon MacFadyen
  • Ebony Mckinny: New Arts Leadership
  • Invisible Venue: led by Christian L. Frock, Independent curator and writer
  • Kapor Center for Social Impact
  • GAFFTA, Reengineering Tech
  • Facebook Artist in Residency, Drew Bennett, Program Director
  • Jake Levitas, Senior Advisor, Market Street Prototyping Festival
  • Place-It : James Rojas, Urban Planning in Low-income Communities
  • Public Matters: Michael Blockstein and Reanne Estrada, Community Driven Arts Practices
  • SPUR: Kristy Wang, Community Planning Director
  • City of SF, Planning Department: Market Street Prototyping Festival

Participating Artists:

  • 15 Artists Envision Future Cities (Grand Lobby) Curated by Institute for the Future and Betti-Sue Hertz
  • Tim Roseborough
  • Black Spirituals - Zackary Watkins and Marshall Trammell
  • Jason Wyman
  • HERD
  • Marlon Ingram Sagana