Photo booths are a popular feature in some San Francisco bars and other venues.

Analog Photo Booths

These photo booths make pictures using photos and chemical reactions to make images on paper. Neato!

Digital Photo Booths

These photo booths use dye sublimation printers and DSLR or webcams to make an image and to print the photos. Digital photo booths generally print in 30 seconds or less. Two of the most prominent photo booth manufacturers in the United States are based in San Francisco, creating beautiful custom photo booths for local bars. Digital photo booths generally offer the choice of color or black & white prints.

  • Elbo Room
  • 500 Club
  • 15 Romolo
  • Monarch
  • El Rio -> 1990's Photo-Me booth converted to Digital
  • Mission Bowling -> 1967 Model 17 converted to a digital booth.
  • Bond Bar
  • Jolene's Bar
  • Wish Bar
  • DNA Lounge
  • Rumpus Room
  • Mezzanine
  • The Stud
  • Hotel Zetta
  • Hotel Zeppelin
  • Hotel Zephyr
  • The Ha-Ra Club
  • Final Final
  • Chambers Eat+Drink
  • John Colins
  • St. Mary's Pub
  • Barebottle Brewery has info on photo booths in SF, though the list is not up-to-date.